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In #Business, You can Be Vulnerable & Strong 💪

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Here’s the thing with the #creatoreconomy, or #buildinpublic, or trying to launch a startup: there’s the inevitability of burnout.
Most people don’t discuss it. Several folks shy away from talking about it. It makes them feel vulnerable.
But vulnerability is an asset – it only shows that you are human. Talking about your own vulnerability or even acknowledging that you have it is taboo.
Apparently…it’s a superpower.
There’s an entire thread of conversations that followed when I opened up about it on LinkedIn recently.
So, I thought I should share my thoughts on it. If you never expressed yourself and just felt it, here’s something for us all this weekend:
👉 Give yourself the due credit you deserve.
👉 Feeling exhausted, the #burnout, the #impostersyndrome – they are all natural. What you don’t know (and trust me, I didn’t for a while) is that “everyone” feels it. Everyone.
👉 You do you. 👊
👉 Reframe negative thoughts into positive ones (Thank you Salina 💜). Example:
Negative: I am building a SaaS tool that’s going to land in an already crowded market.
Positive: Despite how crowded it is, my SaaS product will show how simplicity and focus on “What it does best…without feature bloat” will still make its way through.
👉 Talk to someone; it really helps. I am the friend you never knew you had. You always welcome to connect on Twitter or LinkedIn and open up (I’ll always support and root for you).
What are you going to do?

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