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Marketing Ain't No Magic. Time To Get Real

Profitable Marketing Insights
“I made a Million, a Trillion Times. It’s easy [you fool]”
#socialmedia feeds you this in your feed, each day.
It’s killing you.
For a single person selling eBooks and courses might benefit from that kind of a sleazy, rallying call (and many do) – with the intention of making quick money – it might work
I don’t like it. I want to sleep better at night.
For legit #B2B or #B2C brands, it’s a death call.
The toxicity cuts through geographic boundaries, business sizes, and age types.
If you are a respectable #brand or business though, you can’t afford to be sleazy.
The truth comes out faster than f*rt.
For way too many people, “showing off” is the name of the game. Because most of us are still gullible, it’s a little something that works.
Makes the whole world think, “Ooh, this is easy”.
“Marketing is not magic”.
It really isn’t.
Marketing creates demand.
Marketing brings in those customers to your door.
Marketing is what makes people sit up and take notice.
– Your opinions won’t do anything for your bottom line.
– Treating #marketing bad is like treating your business bad.
– Cheap hires get you no results (or negative results).
– Marketing, driven by #contentstrategy, delivered over a long period of time is what makes this work.
That’s how brands like DripUnbounceDriftSalesforceLeadpages, and many others are growing (still do).
Stay and work for it if you are in this for the long haul.

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